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A quick look at IELTS Academic Writing preparation

A quick look at IELTS Academic Writing preparation

A quick look at IELTS Academic Writing preparation

You will also be given instructions so summarise the information you see by selecting and reporting the main features you see, making comparisons where relevant.  You will need to do an information transfer task – the visual information you are given needs to be presented in the form of text. 

To complete the task successfully, you will need to: 

  1. Write an introduction 
  2. Write an overview (a summary of what you see) 
  3. Present and highlight the key features with figures (data) 

You will need to write a minimum of 150 words and answers must be written in full, no bullet points or notes.  

“Group of college students in the university amphitheatre, they are sitting and doing an exam.”

The task instructions give you information about the question telling you how to discuss the topic in your essay. You may be asked to provide factual information, outline and present solutions, justify an opinion or evaluate evidence and ideas. It is important that you complete the task carefully using relevant ideas and examples to support your position. Your ideas should be organised clearly, using paragraphs for each idea. You must write a minimum of 250 words,  

You are assessed on your ability to follow English essay-writing conventions to organise and link information in a coherent way using language accurately and appropriately to express your ideas and opinions.