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IELTS Academic Format of Speaking

IELTS Academic Format of Speaking

IELTS Academic Format of Speaking

The Speaking component assesses your use of spoken English and takes between 11 and 14 minutes to complete.

You will hear a recording of the examiner’s voice and you will record your answers, using your microphone. The Speaking component is delivered in such a way that it does not allow people to rehearse set responses beforehand. This is also true of the real test.

Part 1
You will hear the examiner’s voice. He will ask you general questions about yourself and a range of familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies and interests. This part lasts between four and five minutes.

Part 2 
You will hear a question that asks you to talk about a particular topic. You will have one minute to prepare before speaking for up to two minutes. You will then hear one or two questions on the same topic to finish this part of the test.

Part 3
You will hear further questions connected to the topic in Part 2. These questions will give you the opportunity to discuss more abstract ideas and issues. This part of the test lasts between four and five minutes.