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IELTS English language for studying Australia universities

IELTS English language for studying Australia universities

IELTS English language for studying Australia universities

Whether you’re looking to further your own education, or keen to educate and inspire others as a teacher, we have degrees and courses to suit your aspirations.

We believe a successful teacher is one who understands the innovations, ethics, social and global issues that influence and shape students today. If you want a rewarding teaching career in an early childhood setting, primary or secondary school, a Swinburne teaching degree will give you the hands-on skills you need to succeed. You’ll explore classroom teaching, discover innovative approaches to learning, and gain practical experience to cement your knowledge. IELTS English language for studying Australia universities

We also offer a range of training programs to help you reach your own education goals. Achieve your VCE or VCAL, prepare for higher education or improve your English language skills. Options are available for people of different ages and education levels, from both English and non-English speaking backgrounds.

However, the theories and communicative approach have faced various challenges in EFL contexts .

As in many EFL contexts, Thailand has implemented English speaking teaching educational model for centuries. To employ the relatively new communicative approach in Thai university, it is important to explore how has been implemented in such educational field.

Teaching speaking English has a crucial role in English instruction as a foreign language. That’s because teaching English based on communicative approach theory is worldwide. Therefore, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology emphasizes communicative approach teaching. Thus the students need to have competence in listening and speaking. [9] stated that the principle of communicative training involves the use of complex communicative situations, aimed at developing the pupil’s speech that promotes “overcoming a sharp transition from education to the natural conditions of communication due to the formation of students’ strong associative links”. The teacher becomes free to choose a variety of instructional techniques and incentives that can maintain motivation and mental activity of students during the entire study period. The researcher is aware of development of learners’ competency in speaking English. Furthermore, English speaking activities were created to investigate and prove the learners’ ability. The result of the research will be guideline to improve and develop teaching and learning in next occasion.