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ecs spoken english ielts in coimbatore

ecs spoken english ielts in coimbatore

IELTS for work:

Giving proof of your language skills is a significant advance in acquiring a visa so you can work abroad. Language skills are critical to career achievement and are viewed as a significant resource in addition to the wide range of various necessities of any work. In the event that you are a work visa candidate, you should accomplish English language abilities, which means you should be ready for more than fundamental conversational English. Based on the nations, you should take into thought that base score prerequisites depending upon your picked occupation. For certain occupations, candidates should accomplish at least 6 in every one of the testing modules, though for teaching professionals a base score of 7 is required.

“Group of college students in the university amphitheatre, they are sitting and doing an exam.”

IELTS for immigration:

Government organizations utilize the IELTS test as a feature of their application processes to get citizenship or the privilege to permanent residence. They believe language capability to be firmly identified with individuals’ capacity to incorporate into the local area and the working environment. The IELTS test is acknowledged by immigration authorities and keeps on assuming a significant part in utilizing language evaluation as a way to control migration numbers.

IELTS for visa approval:

IELTS test can assist you with getting visa approval with negligible exertion by the public authority agencies, as you have authentication that is all-around satisfactory. Giving proof of your language abilities is a significant advance towards acquiring a visa with the goal that you can work abroad. English Language abilities are critical to the accomplishment of a career and are viewed as an important resource for any work.

ECS IELTS Coaching Center in Chennai

best spoken english classes in pondicherry

best spoken english classes in pondicherry

What You will Learn?
  • In-depth knowledge of business communication/writing and responding to email/notifications
  • Skills to interact effectively in a professional environment
  • Increased levels of confidence in dealing with varied situations and people
  • Improved ability and confidence in articulation of thoughts – verbal and written

What is the benefit of taking IELTS Training?

IELTS needed for most stages and steps for travelling to another country. Having effectively taken an IELTS test, you can apply to learn at numerous worldwide schools, colleges, Universities, Organizations, Professionals, Specialists, and expert bodies, which perceive and request this English language test on their confirmation necessities. ECS IELTS gives the ideal learning environment in an intuitive and strong set up which is immaculately given by means of their exceptionally effective learning programs.

IELTS for study:

If you are keen on studying abroad, remember that numerous colleges worldwide and all colleges and schools in the UK acknowledge IELTS test results. Few colleges go about as nearby specialists for the British Council, guaranteeing the association and conveyance of the IELTS assessments. In the event that you are thinking about an undergrad or postgraduate certificate program, you should take the Academic IELTS test. Discover your university or college and check the rendition of IELTS that is ideal for you. As a future global student, you should show that you are qualified and can effectively finish a degree program educated in English. You will in this way need higher IELTS scores to take on postgraduate education projects, for example, Masters or PhDs are. ECS IELTS is accountable for giving appropriate direction and bearing to students that they can practice creating incredible English language abilities. ielts canada online course

Reading: (Different for Academic and General Training)

  • Total time: 60 Minutes (Academic & General)
  • It includes three sections, 40 items
  • You need to read the text passages and answer questions in multiple-choice, sentence completion, summary writing, matching information, short-answers
  • Each passage consists of 13-14 questions
  • Reading passages and questions are different in Academic and General Training IELTS
a) Reading-IELTS Academic
  • The syllabus includes three long texts
  • Subject matter range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical.
  • The texts are authentic and are taken from books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • These are selected for a non-specialist audience ecs ielts coimbatore
b) Reading- IELTS General Training
  • Requires candidates to read extracts from books, magazines, newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks, and guidelines.
  • These are materials one is likely to encounter on a daily basis in an English speaking environment.
ECS IELTS Coaching Center in Chennai

ielts spoken english in chennai

ielts spoken english in chennai

Course Highlights
  • Business Communication – written and verbal
  • Email Etiquette
  • Effective speaking skills (How to stand out in a group and be heard)
  • Right use of words and body language
  • Standing out in group discussions
  • Improving vocabulary, pronunciation, diction and delivery
  • Handling tough questions and situations (At work and in other situations)
  • Extempore, short and prepared speeches/presentations
  • Acing interviews and one-on-one discussions best spoken english classes in pondicherry

Paper-based IELTS

This test is like a traditional exam with the question papers and answer sheets for the Reading, Listening, and Writing tests in an official IELTS test centre. Test takers will write their answers in either pen or pencils. The Speaking test is carried out face-to-face with a qualified IELTS examiner. 

Computer-delivered IELTS

This test can be taken in front of a computer and requires test takers to sit for the Reading, Listening, and Writing tests with the questions presented on the screen in an official IELTS test centre. The Speaking test is not on the computer and is carried out face-to-face with a qualified IELTS examiner. 

International English Language Testing System is a standardized test aimed at evaluating your level of English. IELTS is managed jointly by the British Council, Cambridge ESOL and IDP Australia, and is usually taken by non-native speakers who plan to study, migrate or work abroad. IELTS comprises Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing parts to efficiently assess all of your language skills at once. You need to make sure you are well-prepared before attempting the exam. And that is where we come in! The IELTS Academy offers effective coaching programs that can get you ready for the exam in the shortest time. Our dedicated and experienced trainers will give you all the techniques necessary to pass IELTS with flying colors. Sign up for our IELTS training and get the highest score! ielts spoken english in chennai

There is no minimum qualification for taking the IELTS test. Anyone literate in english can appear for the exam.
Individual institutions set the score level requirements / faculties according to their specific language needs of the course, study or work program. Please check the below link to check for organisations which accept the IELTS test and the band score they require:

ECS IELTS Coaching Center in Chennai

ielts coaching in madipakkam

ielts coaching in madipakkam

Part 1 of the test will start with the examiner asking you to state your name and show your identification.

Next, you will be asked general questions about yourself such as where you live or what you are currently doing (working or studying).

You will then be asked some questions about a range of familiar topics, for example, about the music you like, cooking, the weather, or movies you prefer. You will generally be asked about one or two topics.

The examiner will ask scripted questions and will listen to your answer, prompting you to extend your response with a “why?” or “why not?” if your answer is too short.

This part of the test follows a question-answer format focusing on your ability to communicate opinions and information on everyday topics by answering a range of questions. View More

After Part 1, the examiner will give you a topic and will ask you to talk about it for one to two minutes.

The topic will be handed to you on a card and you will also be given a piece of paper and a pencil for making notes. On the card, you will see the speaking prompt and some points you can cover in your talk relating to this.

You will have exactly one minute to prepare and make notes before you speak. The examiner will use a timer and will tell you when your time is up.

The examiner will tell you when to start your talk and will remind you that they will stop you after 2 minutes.  The points on the task card will help you to think of what to say and you should try to keep talking for the full 2 minutes. They may ask you a question about what you have said before going on to the next section.

This part of the test assesses your ability to speak at length on a particular topic, using appropriate language and organising your ideas in a logical way. You can use your own experience on the topic to help complete the long turn.
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ielts coaching in thoraipakkam

ielts coaching in thoraipakkam

Globalization has made English the international language of communication which has led Asian people to realize the importance and they are more than willing to learn English. There is no particular age group when it comes to teaching English but highest level of demand is in the elementary stage of education. Hence EFL/ESL teachers need to take some extra responsibility to teach English in a systematic way so others especially the young learners can understand and learn it effectively. Apart from young learners there is a substantial demand for TEFL trainers to acquaint the adult learners with the global language of communication. Click More Details

General Training Writing test, you are asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, an argument, or a problem. Topics are of general interest such as whether it is better to homeschool children, whether the drinking age should be raised, who is responsible for the care of the elderly or how families could be brought closer together.

The task instructions give you information about the question telling you how to discuss the topic in your essay. You may be asked to provide factual information, outline and present solutions, justify an opinion or evaluate evidence and ideas. It is important that you complete the task carefully using relevant ideas and examples to support your position. Your ideas should be organised clearly, using paragraphs for each idea. You must write a minimum of 250 words.

You are assessed on your ability to follow English essay-writing conventions to organise and link information in a coherent way using language accurately and appropriately to express your ideas and opinions.
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The Basics of Teaching English as a TEFL Language

The Basics of Teaching English as a TEFL Language

The candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) on successful completion of the course. Additionally, all Asian College of Teachers (ACT) TEFL Courses have been accredited by TESOL Canada – an international association of educators, TESOL teachers, TESOL instructors, TESOL graduates, Board of Federal Directors and Provincial Representatives across Canada with both national and international representatives. TESOL Canada programs are approved by the Ministry of Employment, Human Resources Development Canada HRDC, and authenticated through Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international use.

TESOL Canada is the registered founding member of TESOL Québec, TESOL Ontario and TESOL British Columbia. Internationally TESOL Canada is an associated member of TESOL U.S.A., TESOL European Union EUTA, TESOL Asia, TESOL Middle East and TESOL South America. ALL ACT TESOL / TEFL Certificate approved by TESOL Canada & TESOL U.S.A and certified through the Canadian Government. All ACT TEFL qualified students can also apply for TESOL Board exam through TESOL Canada to receive an exclusive TESOL Certificate certified and notarized by Canada and USA government. View More

The certificate awarded has an extra advantage as the word “Online” will not be mentioned in the certificates. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional USD 25 (South East Asian & Middle Eastern Countries) and USD 35 (rest of the world) as certificate dispatch fee. Generally after the submission of all the assignments and completion of the course, the candidates need to pay the dispatch fee. After that the institute takes the respective shipping address and contact number of the candidate to courier the certificate. It will take maximum 3 weeks for the certificates to reach the designated address.

  • ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world’s largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • Successful TEFL students can get exclusive TESOL Canada Certificate after appearing and successfully passing the TESOL Canada Board exam
  • TESOL Canada Certificate can be Notarized, Apostle, Attested by Embassy of India in Ottawa or Washington
  • TESOL Canada Certificates can be signed and sealed by UAE Embassy in USA or Canada
  • Certificates can be authenticated by Canada – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and USA
  • All ACT students can avail TQUK certification from England which is an Ofqual regulated British Awarding body under the British Government at an extra fee
  • ACT is a Cambridge authorized TKT Centre and all our students can sit for Teaching Knowledge Test exam and earn their Cambridge Certificate. Exams are conducted all over India. These tests can be availed by paying an extra fee and is globally accepted for any teaching job
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Question types in IELTS General Training Writing

Question types in IELTS General Training Writing

A quick look at General Training Writing

The General Training Writing test includes two tasks that are based on topics of general interest.

You will be presented with a situation and asked to write a letter requesting information or explaining the situation. The letter may be personal, semi-formal or formal in style. View More

You will be asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem. The essay can be slightly more personal in style compared to an Academic Writing task. You will support your point of view with relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

Task 1: Writing a short letter for a specific purpose

In Task 1 in the General Training Writing test, you are asked to write a letter, where you demonstrate your ability to communicate using English letter-writing conventions.

You will be given a common, everyday situation such as writing to apologise for missing a friend’s party, or complaining to a company about bad service, writing to give advice to a friend about where to go on holiday, or writing to express your interest in a new job.

In addition to being given the situation, three bullet points will outline exactly what information you need to include in your letter. You might, for example, have to describe details, give reasons, express likes and dislikes, or make suggestions or recommendations.

You will need use the correct tone in your letter. Tone is the way you communicate with people showing the kind of relationship you have with them. In letters, the tone you use is clearly indicated by a proper salutation and closing and it should also be conveyed by your choice of words or phrasing.

Letters are usually written in a formal or informal tone. Generally, if the letter is to friends, people you know well, or family, and the reason for writing is positive, the tone is informal. Letters to everyone else and for all complaints or negative messages, should be more formal.
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How to get TEFL and TOEFL certification in english training

How to get TEFL and TOEFL certification in english training

When choosing a TEFL certification course the most important thing is to ensure that the one you choose is adequate for your own individual plans.

Many course providers, including Asielts, offer short-format TEFL certification online that can be completed in 60 study hours or even less.

Essentially these courses are designed to provide an insight into EFL teaching, which is perfectly adequate if you plan to teach on a short-term voluntary basis.

There are many worthy causes all over the world who are in need of knowledgeable voluntary teachers and these opportunities can often provide an amazing cultural experience.

However, if you are planning on a longer-term adventure that provides a solid income, then you should seriously consider a more in-depth qualification.

The internationally accepted minimum qualification is an online TEFL certification of at least 100 hours duration. These distance learning courses typically cover a range of important topics, including classroom management, assessment strategies and English grammar.

Although these courses do not provide any actual teaching practice, they are still enough to secure a good teaching position in many countries.

If you want to have as many options as possible, including the opportunity to teach in countries that offer the best salaries and other benefits, then you should take a serious look at an in-class TEFL certification program.

IELTS using Speaking and writing training

IELTS using Speaking and writing training

All test takers should prepare for PTE Academic, even if English is your first language.

Test takers who consider themselves to be fluent in English sometimes score less well in English tests than they could have, because lack of preparation affects their performance on the day.

Question typeScoringCommunicative skillsEnabling skills andother traits scoredStrategies
Read aloudPartial creditReading and speakingOral fluency, Pronunciation, ContentMake an attempt at unknown words.
Repeat sentencePartial creditListening and speakingOral fluency, Pronunciation, ContentDo not go back to correct yourself or hesitate.
Describe imagePartial creditSpeaking  Oral fluency, Pronunciation, ContentDescribe the general content of the image, then summarize the most significant points, referring to details for support.
Re-tell lecturePartial creditListening and speakingOral fluency, Pronunciation, ContentPay attention to the lecture and take notes.
Answer short questionCorrect/ incorrectListening and speakingVocabularyRespond with a single word or short phrase.
Summarize written textPartial creditReading and writingGrammar, Vocabulary, Content, FormCheck the content and length of the summary.
Write essayPartial creditWritingGrammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Written discourse,
Content; development, structure and coherence; form, general linguistic range
Plan, draft, check and finalize

Focus on the kind of information Multiple choice, single answer TOEFL training

Focus on the kind of information Multiple choice, single answer TOEFL training

For listening multiple-choice questions, the main part of the question tells you what to listen for. Being aware of the focus of the question will help guide your listening.

For example, it will tell you whether you are listening for the main idea: What was the main cause of the company’s collapse?

Or listening for some supporting information or details: What aspect of past transport policy does the speaker mention?

Or listening for an inference drawn by the speaker: What does the speaker suggest that the factory may have to do?

Or listening for the speaker’s purpose: Why does the speaker talk about the fall in car ownership?

consists of questions that are based on audio or video clips which begin to play automatically. You hear each audio or video clip only once so listen carefully. You are allowed to take notes.

For each question you have the opportunity to adjust the volume. While the audio clip is playing, move the control bar to the right to increase the volume or to the left to decrease the volume.